Nabemba Tower

This is the tallest building in the Republic of Congo and is named after the country’s highest mountain, Mont Nabembe. Nabemba Tower is often referred to as Elf Tower; it stands 106 meters high, with 30 floors in between. The structure hosts a number of offices, including that of the New Partnership for African Development and UNESCO.

Brazzaville Zoo

Though not as impressive as one might expect, the Brazzaville Zoo houses a number of species including crocodiles, deer, bongos, foxes, and numerous primates including chimpanzees. The zoo was established in 1944 but suffered a setback during the Congolese Civil War as many animals were evacuated from the zoo to other zoos and sanctuaries, leading to low animal rating in the zoo.

Charles de Gaulle’s House

Roger Erell designed this house for Charles de Gaulle, the French general who led the Free French Forces during World War II. Although the house is normally closed to visitors, this monument connects the country’s past, especially its relationship with France, to the present. It sits atop a hill in the southern section of Brazzaville, in an area dotted by some nice drinking spots with opportunity to view the Congo River.

Market Total

Brazza’s biggest market, in Bacongo, sells everything from technological wonders to caterpillars and monkeys to Congolese fabrics and aphrodisiac charms.

Stade Municipal de Kintélé

Stade Municipal de Kintélé in Brazzaville is the national stadium of the Republic of the Congo. It is used for football matches and also has an athletics track. It hosts the home games of Congo national football team. It holds 60,000 people. and opened with a football match between Congo and Ghana.